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Expanding your Salad Horizon

To many people salads as boring and unsatisfying.  I have to agree; the thought of having some leaves, tomato and cucumber tossed in a house dressing is so not appealing to me.

Sometimes you just need a couple of ideas in order to put together a good salad. Here’s a salad I had the other day.  Not only is it healthy and hearty, it’s also tasty. Feel free to change it up, add some ingredients, and omit others. My intention is to  give you some ideas and to expand your salad horizon.



-    Kale, chopped  
-    Beet, grated
-    Carrots, grated
-    Cucumber, diced
-    Red pepper, chopped
-    Avocado, chopped


-    Sunflower seeds
-    Hemp hearts
-    Wakame (seaweed)
-    Quinoa, cooked

-    2 medium tomatoes
-    1 lemon, squeezed
-    1/4 cup olive oil
-    1/4 cup tahini (ground sesame seeds)
-    3 Tbs. tamari sauce or soy sauce
-    1/2 tsp. sea salt
-    1 tsp. cumin, (or basil, dill, and oregano)

Blend. If you have fresh herbs use them, and triple the quantity.

* Dressing recipe is courtesy of Sunfood.



I'd love to hear about your favorite salads!