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Creating Habits for Eating CLEAN

If I'm away and not eating my healthiest, as soon as I get home I'm back to eating CLEAN and it takes little effort. Why is it so easy? Because it has become a habit.  We are creatures of habit. Habits help us get through the day. It makes satisfying our needs to eat, sleep, work, wash... easier to accomplish because it's habitual and effortless.  Think of how easy it is for you to make dinner in your kitchen, you know where everything is - you've done it many times (hopefully!).  But if you're in someone else's kitchen, it's much more complicated and it takes longer.

Habits are powerful however perhaps there are habits that you would like to change.  And maybe there are habits that you've already tried to change, such as eating healthier.  Habits are very hard to change since they are so ingrained in us, they are second nature. But once you've make the change, that healthy eating habit, for instance, then becomes almost automatic to us.  When you apply personal strengths, such as determination, persistence, fortitude and optimism, you can make it happen.

Break down your goals into smaller tasks.  For instance, if you want to shift to a CLEAN diet, you can first focus on developing a new habit for eating healthy breakfasts. Once accomplished, you can then move on to lunch and then dinner.  So how long does it take to form a new habit? The established rule on habits is 21-28 days, however more recent research from the UK Health Behavior Research Centre came out with research that found it took 66 days to form a habit. I would have to agree with that number. 

Remember to keep your eye on the prize.  Don't let setbacks discourage you, instead use them as fuel to succeed.  Be gently on yourself and remind yourself of the all the times when you've triumphed over adversity in the past.  I know you can do it!!  Believe in yourself.


Food Log

Days 4 and 5 were very similar - I am a creature of habit.

Breakfast - Day 4 & 5:

My day always starts with 2-3 glasses of hot water.

Cucumber, 1/2 apple, romaine lettuce, spinach, parsley, ginger, lemon juice

Avocado and cucumber mash on gluten free toast.  (I crave this when I get up! Not a bad thing to crave.)

Lunch - Day 4 & 5:

High energy salad: Mixed greens, avocado, cilantro, parsley, mint, basil with drizzled avocado oil

Dinner - Day 4

Salad - Black bean, corn, red pepper, cucumber, cilantro and lime salad.

7x7 herbal tea

Dinner - Day 5

A little bit of whatever I had in my fridge.  Homemade sunflower dip (see Day 3 post for recipe), rice crackers, clementines and Ying Yang Soyfood organic tofu.  This tofu is so good.  The bf does not like tofu with the exception of their flavoured variety, which he really likes. He's my barometer for what most people will like.

7x7 herbal tea

Hot and warm water throughout the day.

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